Groups We Offer

We do not offer any drop in services so please contact us before coming along to the group.

Women's Group

We offer a group for women who hear voices and/or self harm on a Monday from 11-2.30.

Tuesday Group

This group meets on a Tuesday from 11-2.30. This group is for men and women who either hear voices or self harm to chat about their mental health.

Hearing Voices Group

We offer a weekly peer group for adults who hear voices on a Wednesday from 11-2.30. At this group you can talk about your experince with voices and learn how to cope better. We can also offer open ended person centred counselling to members, by appointment.

1 to 1 Project

Change one thing - Six weeks of support to help you find a technique to help you cope with either voices or self harm. The one to one support is on a thursday by appointment and is carried out over the phone.


Our referral system is really simple. You can self-refer by call, text or email. You will then be invited to the next available group. If you have a service user you think would need support to contact us an initial call can be arranged where you are able to support them.