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Donations towards Time and Space can be made through our Go Fund Me page which you can find by clicking the link below.

Previously we had a text donation service but this is no longer active. The text donation was set up in memory of Ross MacIntyre Barton, who sadly passed away age 20 in January 2014. While we no longer have the number to text, we did not want to lose his story from our site so it can still be read below.

A donation in memory is a very special way to remember a loved one and it helps us to continue to provide support for our members.

Ross' family chose Time and Space to donate to in Ross' memory as they wanted a local charity which rethinks mental illness and felt instinctively that this was the right choice.

We read some profiles on The Hearing Voices Network and saw that what they [Time and Space] do makes a big difference to people's lives in helping them to live and cope with complex mental health problems.

Ross had a dual diagnosis, which is both mental health and substance use disorder. His condition grew steadily worse during 2013 as the condition is very difficult to treat. Ross believed that he was possessed. He was unable to live the life he wanted, he wanted to be free to write his mind without the little side tracking voice in his head. I feel that he would have benefitted from attending the young person's voices group that started in November 2013.

Ross was in and out of hospital over the past year and felt it did nothing for him. He had strong feelings about the service including that hospital food should have more healthy choices and that in mental health hospitals there should be more for people to do. He felt that therapy should be given more one to one and there is too much reliance on drugs and not enough listening and discussion. He felt imprisoned and wanted one to one counselling and to be involved with discussion groups. All this made Ross uncooperative with the doctors who were trying to help him.

June Barton

Sadly we never got the chance to meet Ross but we are proud to be able to share his story. Thanks to June and everyone else in Ross' family for their kind donation.

Elaine and Lindsey